Barrel | Chestnut | 50 L (EA)

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  • Selling Unit: Each
  • Capacity: 13.2 gallons | 50 L
  • Medium Toast
  • Chestnut is a quite hard wood, but long-lasting, very rich in tannins, at the beginning the wood is whitish but then it takes on a brown colour. Due to its high durability, it is the most widely used wood for the construction of barrels and casks since ancient times.
  • Instructions: These barrels will require some simple maintenance to ensure a leak-free barrel.
    • Leaving your barrel empty can cause the wood to dry and contract resulting in small passages for the liquid to leak from.
    • It is important to fill it to the top with water and allow the wood to swell back up. Follow this step if your barrel has been stored for a long period of time as well.
    • Replace the water every day for 3 days, if the barrel has no signs of leaks after this then you are fine to fill it with your desired drink.
    • If your barrel is leaking and it has been slightly empty for an extended period of time, then you need to empty your barrel into a storage device and proceed with re-hydrating of the barrel. To do this fill the barrel with water, replacing every day for 5 days. This will cause the wood to swell back up.
    • Please Note: If your barrel is leaking topping it up with your drink will not stop the leaks. If after 5 days the leak is still not fixed then you will need to submerge the entire barrel into the water and weigh it down to ensure that it is fully underwater.
    • Please Note: All barrels are leak tested during production. If the barrel you receive is cracked then it would have been damaged during transport.
    • Ensure that your barrel is always topped up and not left empty.
  • Please Note: If after submerging your barrel in water and it is still leaking when full then you may need to use Beeswax or candle wax along with a hairdryer over the leaking area. The hairdryer heats up the wax and causes it to seep into the wood grain.
  • Product of Portugal

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