1000 Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short (38 mm x 24 mm | 1 1/2 in x 15/16 in)

SKU: ABC-SP-01058-BG1000

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  • Selling Unit: 1000 per Bag
  • Length: 38 mm = 3.8 cm = 1.5 inches = 1 1/2 inches
  • Diameter: 24 mm = 2.4 cm = 0.94 inches = 15/16 inches
  • Style: Natural Cork
  • Perfected using cutting-edge technology
  • Optimum sealing
  • Allowing a perfect aging process
  • Recommended for wines with a certain complexity
  • Intended for consumption (5 years +)
  • Product of Portugal

The most highly regarded cork stopper, a top-of-the-range product for the best wines. Ideal closure for Icon and Premium wines, which may need to age in the bottle, even though it can be used in all types of wines. The Natural Cork stopper satisfies the expectations of the world’s leading winemakers and the most sophisticated wine lovers.

    This 100% natural product is extracted from a single cork strip and perfected using cutting-edge technology. It ensures optimum sealing and plays a decisive role in the proper evolution of wines, thus allowing a perfect ageing process.