Cork | Zero + One Cork # 9 Short 38x24 (BG1000)

SKU: ABC-SP-01085-BG1000

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  • Selling Unit: 1000 per Bag
  • Length: 38 mm = 3.8 cm = 1.5 inches = 1 1/2 inches
  • Diameter: 24 mm = 2.4 cm = 0.94 inches = 15/16 inches
  • Style: Premium Agglomerated Cork body with Natural Cork disc at each end.
  • Perfected using cutting-edge technology
  • Intended for consumption (3 Years +)
  • Product of Portugal

The Zero + One is a technical cork stopper, based on the technology behind the production of the champagne cork stopper. It meets the winemakers' highest demands while retaining all the benefits of a natural cork stopper in terms of sustainability.

It is ideal for fruity wines and recommended for wines not intended for long bottle ageing. It comprises an agglomerated body and a disc of natural cork at each end.

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