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ABC Crafted Series

French Chai Medium Plus Toasted Oak Chips (100g | 3.5 oz)

French Chai Medium Plus Toasted Oak Chips (100g | 3.5 oz)

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ABC CRAFTED SERIES French Chai Medium Plus Toasted Oak specific particle size makes them ideal for small-batch winemaking. 

French Chai Medium Plus Toasted Oak contains high concentrations of spice and balsam aromatic compounds. It is also characterized by its high concentrations of eugenol (spice aromas) and maltol (roasted and caramel aromas).

Their fine grain, high porosity, and permeability make them ideal for use in winemaking. This oak’s slow component transfer makes it particularly suitable for medium- and short-duration treatments.


  • Dark Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Coffee
  • Roasted Nuts
  • Spicy


  • Enhances aromatic complexity by transferring vanilla and spice aromas.
  • Preserves the wine’s natural fruitiness due to its slow, gradual transfer of oak aromas.
  • Creates a structured mouthfeel thanks to its ellagitannin content.


  • Medium-plus-toasted French oak is characterized by the dark chocolate, caramel, coffee, roasted, and subtly spicy aromas typical of fine hardwood.


  • In wine 4 grams per 1 L (33.8 oz), dosage time will depend on the degree of transfer sought and the intensity of the characteristics desired.
  • For chips, treatment time varies between 0 and 4 weeks.
  • Users are recommended to perform prior testing to determine dosage and to taste the wine frequently to identify the optimal treatment time in each case. 


  • Chips: To optimize the transfer of the oak's beneficial properties to the wine, position the sacks of chips at varying depths within the container.
  • 50% of the oak at the top of the container and 50% of the oak at the bottom of the container.
  • Shake the sacks once a week. 


  • Brown chips color tone varies according to toasting


  • Store in the original packaging in a cool dry place.
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