Cheese | Ilha Azul Soft | 500GR

1.0 kg
SKU: ABC-FD-60441-EA
  • Selling Unit: Each
  • Weight: 500 GR
  • Ilha Azul Soft Cheese is created in the excellence of the Nature that surrounds us. Produced on the beautiful island of Faial, these cheeses have the same name as the nickname they received on the island from which the milk comes from, and that gives them a unique flavor. The Ilha Azul Soft Cheese is a matured cheese with a semi-hard paste, made from pasteurized cow's milk. To eat sliced, cubed or in whatever form you prefer, the range of Ilha Azul Soft Cheese products consists of matured cheese, matured cheese with paprika cover, and buttery cheese.
  • Product of Portugal