Italian White | 13% Medium/Heavy-Bodied White Sterile Must (23 L | 6 gal)

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  • Selling Unit: Each
  • PABV: Potential Alcohol By Volume 13 %  ABV
  • Volume: 23 LT. (6.07 US Gallons)
  • Weeks to Make: 4 Weeks 
  • Makes: 23 LT. (6.07 US Gallons)
  • Dimensions: 10 X 11½ X 16
  • Weight: 54.4 LBS. (24.6 KG)
  • Wine Making Pak Includes: Wine Base, Yeast, Bentonite, Sulphite/Sorbate, Fining Agents
  • Product of Canada


Italian White is blended together to make unoaked, aromatic wines. The crispness and softness of the finished product can be adjusted by using different proportions of each variety. These Blends tend to offer the aromatic component of the wine: apple, pear, and citrus aromas are commonly seen. It can also give some acidity, if harvested early enough, giving structure to the blend.